5 Things We’re Loving This Month!

October has been an exciting month in our homeschooling adventure. From bone-rattling stories to magical Disney tales and finally being able to go outside without having a heat stroke… here are five things that have made our days a little bit brighter!

5. “Give Me Back My Bones!” by Kim Norman

One of the gems we’ve added to our ever-growing library is “Give Me Back My Bones!” We originally checked this book out at the library for our skeleton unit but we LOVED it. It not only tickled our funny bones (haha sorry) with its catchy rhymes but also educates us about the names of our skeletal friends. My girls have picked it up again and again and have had a blast saying the word “phalanges”. It’s become a bedtime favorite, and we’re all eager to explore the world of bones together.

4. Yoto – Disney Princess Adventures!

Cleaning and playtime have taken on a whole new magical vibe with our Yoto player. Usually I pick the Yoto cards we’ll be getting but this time the girls were peeking over my shoulder and saw the princess one and the rest is history. They’ve listened to it over and over again (especially Avery) and they love to have it on while they play! If you’re curious about this magical device and want 10% off just click here!

3. Savannah’s Cursive Adventures Begin!

Excitement buzzes through the air as Savannah dives into Level 3. After a brief break, we’re back to our homeschooling routine, and Savannah can’t wait to conquer cursive writing and all the amazing challenges this level has in store! Level 3 has already proven to be a little more difficult as it has more independent practice and and longer lessons but she is ready for the challenge!

2. Universal Yums: A Taste of Greece!

This month, our taste buds embarked on an international adventure with our first Universal Yums box, featuring Greece. We giggled, we explored, and we discovered a world of flavors together. If you’re curious to try, you can get $5 off!

Warning: may cause intense laughter and ignite your family’s passion for global snacking!

1. Embracing the Great Outdoors

Miami’s heat and humidity usually keep us indoors, but this month, the weather has been on our side! We’ve been reveling in the joy of outdoor activities without melting into puddles of sweat. We’ve been able to go on a few neighborhood walks, use our bikes, and even ride our scooters. The crisp October air has been a welcome change from the typical inferno.

As we wrap up October, we’re filled with gratitude for the simple joys that homeschooling brings into our lives. Here’s to more adventures, laughter, learning, and holiday fun in the coming months!

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