Stocking Stuffers You Won’t Throw Away

Stockings can be soooooo much fun! I remember always waking up on Christmas morning and booking it straight to my stocking because I knew it was filled with all sorts of fun goodies! But over the years I’ve tried to balance my desire to absolutely fill my children’s stalkings to the brim with the reality of knowing that I’m going to toss it all in the trash the very next days. Whoops.

So this year I think I might have come to a great balance of filling it with things that they like, will use, and that won’t be tossed in trash (as quickly haha).

Here is what will be in each of my children’s stockings:

1. Yoto Cards

It’s no secret that we get lots of use out of our Yoto player and my kids absolutely love getting new cards. So this year… I stocked up on a few when they were on sale and we’ll be using them as stocking stuffers! If you haven’t had a chance to check out Yoto, I think it is definitely worth a look at. They are screen free players, and are so simple to use…. even my 3 year is able to use it all by herself! When she wants to listen to a story she picks the card she wants, and she is ready to go! If you want a special 10% off offer, click here!

2. Card Games

Our family LOVES games. We love to play all kinds of board games, table games, and card games are no exception. The girls are always up for learning a new game and there are some that they can even play by themselves without our help (which is always great). These are some of the ones going in our stockings this year:

These are some of our family favorites (we clearly love Grandpa Beck’s games):

These are my kids’ favorites:

3. Mini Waffle blocks

These tiny waffle blocks have been such a hit this year. They don’t take up much space but the kids love to play with them and build all sorts of stuff., I first purchased them this year over the summer when I wanted to give them something to do on our long trip to Nauvoo and since then I’ve bought a few more in different colors because like the magnetic tiles, it seems like we can never how to many of these either.

4. Candy

This year I’m just keeping it simple and putting some Pez candies, since my girls are OBSESSED with those and then adding some of their favorite chocolate and calling a it a day (or night).

5. Crayola Scribble Scrubbie

This year my girls have been really intrigued by these! We haven’t actually bought any, so when I found some individually packed at my local Walmart I picked one for each of the kiddos.

And that’s a wrap. These are the five things I’m filling their stockings with this year! I’d love to hear of any other ideas that you guys have, or what you’re filling stockings with!

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  1. These are such a great idea !!!

    1. Thanks! I hope they help spark ideas! 🙂

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